Jetstar Asia/AirAsia Hand Carry - Strict With Weight Limit?

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Hi Team,

I will be traveling to Sin/Kul & Phuket next week (Qantas to Singapore return in econ) and wanted to know is Jetstar Asia strict when it comes to the weight limit for carry on bags or AirAsia for that matter?

This will be my 5th trip to Singapore in less then a year and what I've noticed is I usually don't bring more then 12kgs of checked in baggage. I don't mind paying for the 15-20kg checked in baggage for my flights Sin-Kul/ Kul-Phuket and Phuket-Sin flights but if in general they are not that strict in enforcing this then id rather not pay and save a few bucks.

My cousin was on a AirAsia and Jetstar Asia flight last week and I believe he just used the self serve kiosks and off he went thru to immigration/flight.

I haven't booked my flight for the Singapore-Kul or Kul-Phuket route yet but would love some insight from your previous experiences. (BTW I will be bringing a 55cm small size luggage suitable for hand carry-on) 




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I've seen Air Asia team weighing hand luggage at KLIA2 just before you go through to immigration - not sure how frequent this is enforced but I've seen this twice now.

I've also observed Jetstar Asia Singapore team weighing hand luggage after security at the gate prior to scanning your ticket however this isn't common practice on each flight.


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The team weighing the hand luggage will be very quick to pick out passengers with multiple carry-on luggage and target them for weighing hand luggage. So if you are carrying already carrying a 55cm small size luggage, you would not want to be seen with any backpack. 

There are still ways to avoid these 'roadblocks' in Changi airport, eg. using different security entrances (or terminal) to access immigration control but there is no way around in KLIA2 especially if you are taking AirAsia. 


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On the LCCs it seems to come and go.

I've seen everyone having hand luggage weighed at check-in and stickered (Air Asia at HKT) and other times pretty loose enforcement.

I think generally ensure that whatever you want to hand carry doesn't appear overweight is best bet.


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JetStar Asia in SIN have floor walkers around immigration entry that will pick you up if bags look heavy and weigh them. If you get through immigration I’ve never had trouble at the gate. I always buy the 20kg and check bags in SIN now. Jetstar has recently raised the price of buying extra weight at the airport.

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