Qantas Premier Platinum credit card Service levels

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Given I am paying $299 is it unfair to expect 24/7 customer service? Or any service for that matter

I rang with a question on the free travel insurance at 5:30pm however the consultant was not able to assist and suggested I ring Chubb who mange the insurance. It was a relatively simple question on whether multi city is considered return and therefore insurance valid.
I rang Chubb and of course their call Centre closes at 5pm....this is not really sounding like a premier platinum experience is it.
1. Why didn’t the consultant advise me Chubb we’re closed.
2. $299 annual it unfair to expect a consultant to be able to answer questions about the product they are offering 24/7

On a broader customer service experience, on Wednesday I also rang to request a limit increase and was advised to email payslips etc which I did (initially he told me my account was not able to be reviewed as it was only 1 month is in fact 13 months old)
Yesterday to my surprise I received a call from the credit team wanting to discuss my credit limit increase. Pleasantly surprised until she asked me information included in the documentation I emailed the previous day. She had not reviewed...nor had access (that goes to another department she told me) to the email and just wanted to verify information. I advised her all the answers to the questions she was asking were contained in the email which she for some unknown reason was not given access to to do her job.
Escalation to her team leader and after 10 mins on hold she advised me he had access to the email.

Another question about my available credit could not be answered by the consultant when I rang on Thursday and I was promised a call back Friday call and still waiting on an answer

Qantas Premier Platinum credit card Service levels...anyone else having issues with the product or customer service ? And the ability for the Philippines Call Centre to service it?

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