Velocity and SQ Bonus Point Offer

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Why do Velocity make it so confusing!

So I receive an email from Velocity about their Bonus Point offer with SQ for travel between 01/10/18 and 15/08/19. Perfect, I am about to plan some travel in that period!
In the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of said email it rattles off a range of dates for outbound travel (so it appears it is not an inclusive period). 
I activate the offer (another one of my bugbears with Velocity, why do they make me activate every offer - just give it to me)

Upon activating the offer, I am presented with a web page and its terms and conditions says "for travel between the 01/10/18 and 15/08/19 INCLUSIVE" with no mention of the specified outbound dates that were in the original email correspondence.

So which one is it? I'll call them to clarify but keen to know if anyone else has the answer.

It's a good offer but Velocity continually make you invest too much effort and time to understand it. I never take an offer from them at face value anymore


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I have received offers from Velocity for which I could simply not find valid travel dates at all, or the prices were higher when using the offer. The targeting is obviously a bit limited.

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