QF using 737s on international routes

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I have flown BNE to AKL on a QF B737. It is something like flying BNE to ADL or BNE to Darwin, just long enough cooped up in cattle class on a 737. Though, I can't find much different to the A330 they use on the BNE to SIN runs.


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It'd be nice if QF had a subfleet of 737's (perhaps-900's or MAX10's) that had lie flat business, a decent number of extra legroom seats, and good IFE, for trans-con and international flights.


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Nothing wrong with 737 or 320/321 on shorthaul sectors ,they are sufficent and for a flight less then 5hours you do not need lie flat beds etc.The travelling public needs to stop having private jet syndrome and entitlement.


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Having just done DPS-BNE last night in Y with VA, 5.5 hours is just bearable on a 737 IMO but I am well and truly ready to get off. Where I think the challenge is is with the lavs - the flight was 100% full and there was a constant line up down the aisle for two thirds of the flight. Clearly difficult for the crew as well...

Absolutely prefer a wide body aircraft when available and I could see how some QF J travellers might be annoyed with a 330 to 737 last minute sub

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