Oman Air Business with family. What lounges and seats?

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Hi All,

I'll be going from MEL - KUL (Malaysia airlines codeshare), KUL - MCT, MCT - MAN with Oman Air in business class next week with the family. This will be my first time with Oman Air.

We'll be two adults, a toddler, and a lap infant - so 3 seats in total for 4 of us.

I'm Qantas Platinum and have status with a few others as well if required. Amex Centurion if that helps.

It's a short 2-week trip to see an ill family member. I want to make the trip as painless as possible - so would appreciate any tips for the best lounge access with the kids and seat tips.

Any lounges with private rooms to keep the kids together would be appreciated - as I'd love to duck out for a shower at MCT and/or KUL.

Thanks in advance.


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If you find you don't get any lounge access, KLIA has Plaza Premium pay per entry lounge, maybe Priority Pass will get your family entry.

Don't think Oman Air is in OW or *A.

At least you will have (edit) MEL) QFi F lounge access as QF WP.

As WY is not in OW alliance, not sure if you will get any free lounge access after ((edit) MEL), have tried it once, very good that lounge is too.

Is it an MH ticket though?

Edit: turns out the Plaza Premium lounge at KUL has private resting suites, so this could be the one to go for, if no lounge access elsewhere.

Usd$55 for 3 hrs, 2 adults and 2 children, I test booked.

Your Amex card might give access to this.

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Thanks Andrew.

I didn't think I could access Qantas First Lounge - as it is ticketed as an Oman Air (WY) flight on Malaysian Airlines metal? Also - I thought only 1 guest allowed on OW tickets? Can't leave them to fend for themselves yet... :)


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I flew this route (albeit to Frankfurt) last month.

You'll get Qantas Business Lounge in Melbourne (not First, I assume, given the carrier), Malaysian Lounge in KL, Omans excellent but sometimes crowded lounge in the vast, shiny, new Muscat airport. Not sure about MAN, possibly one of the contract lounges. AFAIK, none of these have private rooms, however the Oman lounge has a few hidden sections round corners where there are two or three chairs.

There is an Aerotel next to the lounge in Muscat, so you could always book a room there if you want a shower and a rest.

Also worth nothing that my transit at KL was too short to even get to the lounge (I might have had 10 minutes if I'd bothered), and you may find you don't use it.

As for the flights, Malaysian has a 2-2-1 layout, so you may like to place the kid next to the window in a pair.

Oman is either 1-2-1 on the older fit-outs, or 2-2-2 on the newer fit-outs. The newer planes are some of the best seats I've flown on, but the older ones are okay as well, quite spacious. On the newer plane, if you book the 2 outside seats you can lower the divider and put your toddler next to you. On the older plane I suggest booking 2 next to each other on the same aisle. On both flights all seats have about the same amount of room.

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Thanks xtfer 👍

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