2 Tickets connecting from Domestic VA to international SQ

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Hi all

I will be flying next month from ADL to SYD on a VA ticket and than connect on SYD-SIN on a separate SQ ticket. I'm trying to figure out whether I will be able to check-in for both flights in ADL at the Virgin counter or I will have to retrieve luggage in SYD and re-check-in once again. I can find no information on the VA website saying it is one way or the other. anyone able to advise?

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Virgin generally makes you collect and re-check if it's not on the same ticket, especially when connecting to another airline.


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The Virgin desk in Adelaide will check you in for the Singapore flight and give you your boarding pass and check your bags in also. I have done this with both Singapore and Etihad with the first leg being VIrgin from ADL, even when I have purchased the Virgin leg with points.


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I've also had bags checked through to Beijing on HK Airlines on a separate ticket from the Virgin flight to HK. Just need to be friendly and firm with the checkin staff as they probably won't be able to confirm much on the phone.


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Only if both flights were booked on the same ticket at the same time, if you bought the tickets as separate tickets from different sites, they will not join them and they will NOT check your baggage all the way through to your final destination, They are not and should not be obligated if you buy this way, unless you pay a fee to join these tickets. Kind of defeats the purpose.

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