• An Aircraft fuselage is like a hyperbaric chamber, if it can be modified slightly, so that Oxygen and Pressure levels could be altered increased, then you have an oxygen therapy environment.So instead of the plane being an incubator for the virus, in could provide the respiratory environment to h...

  • Stefanos, can't fill business class to ATH so it won't happen, but you could fill a single class economy on a daily basis, and take the majority of the traffic on that route from the ME3 and Scoot. Wasn't Jetstar supposed to do ATH for QF.

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  • Refuelling and Distributor (Transfer hub) for ADL, MEL, SYD, CBR, AKL, WLG, CHC. etc. Even if you don't believe BME can serve as a western Cairns/Townsville type destination.

  • Replicating QANTAS's PER-LHR-PER is stupid, the route is monopolized it offers no growth. They will create their own route, where it doesn't currently exist, lowering the air time and increasing the flexibility, don't forget SQ out of BME. It is truely sad that there are people who cannot think o...

  • Virgin Australia feeds Virgin Atlantic at Hong Kong from MEL and SYD, why wouldn't they get fed the rest of the country in BME, Don't forget they are a leasure Airline too.

  • Who said Virgin Australia wouldn't feed Virgin Atlantic? Of cause they would, just as Virgin Australia feed Etihad and SQ, in fact VA used it's metal on Etihad services between Asia and Abu Dhabi, so there is precedent.

  • Hi whoopersandwich, I believe they are looking at modifying their A330-200 with reduced load + no cargo as a trial, before switching or in addition to Virgin Atlantic 787-9.

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