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Hello team,

Just wondering on the process for when a flight needs to be cancelled due to a cruise being cancelled and travel insurance claim will need to be lodged. the issues I'm facing is that the onward journey after the cruise was booked all on points and was wondering if my points could be refunded if I lodge a insurance claim. Qantas advised i would only get the points back if i book a new trip within 3 months? would a Travel Insurance claim fix this or is there another way around this? Don't want to miss out on my 120k points due an issue outside my control

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Did you use points to book a classic reward flight, or 'points plus pay' for a paid fare?

If the former, the cancellation fee is just 6,000 points for a full refund. I don't think it would be worth jumping through travel insurance hoops for that.

If the latter, which it sounds like it is, then it's best to see the fare rules that apply. On a sale fare, it can be quite expensive to refund or cancel. Letting us know what fare type you're on would help.

With regards to travel insurance, it really depends on what the wording of your policy is. If you can link us to the PDS, it'll help. Often it might not cover a cancellation by an operator, just for commercial reasons. There might also be an excess charge to pay, which may or may not exceed the cancellation/change fee charged by Qantas.

In a nutshell - lots of variables to consider and unfortunately it won't be an easy question to answer.

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