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I have two separate booking from Qantas website. one is rewards booking from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok via Singapore. Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is jetstar and Singapore to Bangkok is Cathy Pacific. I believe there is no problem check my luggage direct to Bangkok. however In same day I have another booking from Bangkok to Brisbane via Sydney booked QF number. BKK to SYD operate by Emirate. My question is can I ask Jetstar check in counter check my luggage direct to Sydney? if no delay CX712 arrive Bangkok 15:30 and QF8418 departure at 19:30. If they can not check my luggage direct to Sydney. Then I have 4 hours (if cx not delay) clear immigration and custom then check in my luggage again. Do you think the time is enough for me or risky?



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Four hours is fine to do that but see if they will check it through anyway


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I recently checked in luggage in Singapore to Sydney on the same CX and QF flights. You can go to the transfer counter in BKK. Cathay Pacific does interline checkin.

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