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First timer question. Two questions, actually... I'm a QFF looking to improve status point level. I've recently traveled and am still traveling on flights to and in South America. I appear to have inadvertently signed up for the LATAM FF scheme. I have tried to indicate by using my QFF membership number on booking and check-in on LATAM flights that I want to allocate any points etc to the Qantas FF scheme to no avail with LATAM. I haven't after extensive research found a way of canceling LATAM FF membership, which might be another solution. Q1/Has anyone else had this problem and arrived at a solution? Q2/Anyone know how to cancel LATAM FF membership? (And yes, I have exhausted the LATAM website including the T&Cs.) Oh... Q3/ Let me know if I just have some rookie misapprehensions or preconceptions about how this might work. Any advice appreciated...


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You can just get them to change the FF number at the airport when you check in.


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There should be an online portal at latam's website to manage your booking with them. Most likely there is an option to input or change frequent flyer information. This is where you've inputed your LATAM number and you can easily remove that and put in your Qantas number. Otherwise, ask the check-in agent to change it.

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