New layout for the forum is really bad

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Change for changes sake is never a good thing.

The forum - aka "Community" here is now really difficult to navigate and the design makes it not look at all like a forum.

Is there another skin that you can deploy to return it to a forum-esq looking format?


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I agree, I don't think this has been a great improvement for the site.


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I have to agree. I have almost given up on this section


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Hi all, thanks for the feedback. Can you help with some more details? Do you prefer a more standard forum layout? Can you provide examples of a forum you feel has better design?


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Sid, the forum you got rid of...


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I have the same feeling as those above. I have even noticed that the Community section has been almost dead since the change with little new topics and few replies.



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Sorry to say I agree also. It's hard to get to, lots of scrolling down the site home page to get to it. The text within each post is lost in the huge amount of white space - the current love of UI designers but a nuisance in real world use.

What are the usage stats before and after the change?


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As mentioned above it's not just the format ... it's also the location. The new website greets you with headlines, and one must scroll down to find ... even more headlines. I really don't understand the point of that. And then it's only after even more scrolling that you get to the forum. I have a large-ish (15 inch) laptop screen ... it would make sense to at least have the forum showing up as a "sidebar" at or near the top for large screens.


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Its not just the forum, the whole website is laid out poorly. The best way to describe is that the previous website was more like Melbourne CBD. This new version is like Sydney CBD. No flow, no order and just a mess. Its like someone just picked the old one up and dropped it from a great height.


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Echoing many of the other comments. Not a fan of the new site. Much preferred the old one. Not a fan of being greeted with the headlines.


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Have to agree also with the above comments. I preferred the old site also. I also get annoyed that on the new site the 'headlines' aren't exactly... For example that Penfolds article in the callout has been listed 3rd since the new site launched. Maybe that's a paid article/advert and that's the reason...

I would also say that I liked the more Australia focused content (doing one thing well is better than trying to do everything with moderate success...) but in that regard I accept the reasons for changing to a more global perspective. It's just unfortunate that now the content I'm looking for is buried in with other things that are less interesting to me.

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I think the old layout had more important headlines at a glance than the big, bold, imposing 2 headilnes that greet you on the new one. Overall, the old one just presents you with more information at one time than focusing on asthetic and white space to make it 'modern'.


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I would largely agree. I seem to have noticed much lower levels of engagement with the community posts (appreciate this could b a reflection on the topics raised, etc) since the change.

I accept that building more 'Global" content will take time, but the site is still extremely Australian based, which may not be a bad thing, but not much seems to have changed since the relaunch, content wise. Are you sourcing writers based in Europe / US?

There seem to be a few other gremlins, minor points, but there was a Community section last week where it was saying 8 posts and when you clic through there're only 3. I've also posted content (completely uncontroversial) that just hasn't ever appeared, I appreciate you moderate some posts, but when something just doesn't appear it isn't great. I do think it would be useful if you were told when you submit a post if it will be held for moderation, as it's impossible to know and when readers repost, presumably because they may be unsure, you often see a pretty direct email from the ET team.

Anyway, just my 2 gets worth.

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Interestingly, I received 4 emails about your post. This thread now shows only 1. Maybe mods have already deleted the 3 extras duplicate posts. However the front page still counts the extra 3 posts. Now showing 16 comments on this thread.

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At first I thought the layout was good but after a few weeks I do agree with the vast majority of posters who do not like the current layout.

It's nowhere near as easy to navigate and the forum is not as prominent.

I reckon a combination of the old and new would be the way to go.

Less large pictures and more readily view able comments and reviews after all isn't that what this site is all about?

I used to like the comments and questions in the forums but they seem to be harder to find. Sure they are there but it was far easier to find before this change.

To the developers just get one of your travelling friends to peruse the old format and then the new one and ask which is easier to navigate. I'm sure they will agree the older is better.

One good thing is that the developers are asking for opinions so let's hope they continue.

Why not set up a Q & A and Suggestions section on this subject and make it prominent so we can readily find it and give our opinions and suggestions.

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