• cgoman the way it reads is QF will be charging $2,000 ONE WAY per pax from LHR which is higher than a normal fare and then on top of that the govt ..."will cover the essential operating costs of fuel and the salaries of pilots and cabin crew" 

  • This is beyond ridiculous...    Let's impose an arbitrary cap on commercial pax movement, so that only roughly 35 people can be on any flight into Sydney, (less to other centres).  As a result of these caps, airlines that are operating into AU such as EK and QR have had to price ti...

  • "Qatar is another option heading westbound via Abu Dhabi," <-- I think born2fish meant through Doha

  • How could you have the opportunity to discuss this with Tim Clark and not ask about the windows in the center seats that are actually high def screen video of what is happening outside? This is by far the most interesting thing about these new EK first suites.

  • Only if you are flying on a paid business seat. If you are a QR gold or above but on an economy ticket you get the worst lounges in Doha.

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  • Change for changes sake is never a good thing.The forum - aka "Community" here is now really difficult to navigate and the design makes it not look at all like a forum.Is there another skin that you can deploy to return it to a forum-esq looking format?

  • I noticed recently that my tier miles earn on the same ticket type (eg. FLEX, FLEXPLUS) for the same flights (ZRH-SYD) has dropped by 12% or so (eg from 9,300 to 8,250 on a ZRH - SYD FLEX as a Platinum).I have a few other FLEXPLUS examples (12,400 tier miles down to 11,000). Seems to have change...

  • I stay away from medication on flights too, too many risks. But, if you want to sleep, an amazing sedative that is over the counter is cetrazine, a supposedly "non-drowsy" antihistamine. Take 1 tablet and in 15 mins you will be ready to zzz away nicely.

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