New layout for the forum is really bad

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Rod H

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Have David any reason for this?

Surely we should hear from you as to why such a heavily posted thread was removed from the main page.

There are probably more replies to this than almost any other topic on this web site so it's not as if it's something we don't care about.

A response or reason would be most appropriate.

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Looks like I might be done with Ausbt :(

Thanks for the good reads over the last few years. OMAAT, here I come.


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I have to agree with other contributors. I don't really like the new format. Very few new articles, content all over the place, articles with very little interest for me. Has become overly commercial. Previously this was a site I would visit every day. Now I can't really be bothered!



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Sad to say my time on this site has dropped off hugely since the changes. As much as I've enjoyed AusBT over the last few years this new site give little value, it's way to much weighted towards product placement and marketing dressed up as news items.

I'm not after a lifestyle site, I'm after travel info and tips shared between a community. So sorry. as they say on that basis I'm out. Good luck guys.

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