New layout for the forum is really bad

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At a minimum, make the banner heading for Community a hyperlink to it

Rod H

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There seems to be some fair degree of dissatisfaction with the new layout of the website amongst members.

Given this why not conduct a simple poll to see just how many would like a change?

Then if there is a lot in favour of a change ask for suggestions and constructive criticism.

After all the web site is there for the Community to use and gain information from so surely it's up to us to let you know what we like or dislike and then it's up to you to make any necessary changes we suggest that may be for the better.


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I quite like the new layout, particularly for phones. Its not much different from previous so I don't see what this is all about tbh.


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I don't mind the new layout so much, what I do mind is the content creeping towards paid advertisements disguised as articles for one-percenters.

I think the vast majority of people here come for airline/hotel reviews and interesting news in the travel world. Why are there articles about "wagyu" salmon and golf clubs?


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I like this website a lot and I've been using it for at least eight years now. The tips, airline and hotel reviews, general advice and forum have genuinely helped me travel better since 2012. Thank you very much, ausbt. That's why, as a loyal reader, the new layout and focus have been quite....disappointing.

At first glance, yes, it seems 'better' looking. But try navigating and you quickly realize how haphazard the layout is compared to the previous version. Stories meander from the horizontal to the vertical then back again(!) Random coloured tiles/dialogue boxes dot the periphery. Headlines are overblown in scale for no apparent reason other than just because 'we can'. Empty 'white space' is now very noticeable.

For good reason, I am reminded here of Microsoft and the release of Windows 8. Techies know how that sorry saga ended. Microsoft listened and brought back the most sought after/missed features of previous Windows versions, as well as toning down or eliminating the annoying new features. End result: their customers were happy again and came back.


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The font choice is awful too


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Originally Posted by THR

The font choice is awful too

Oh totally agree with that.

The font is bearable on mobiles, but completely unreadable on PCs.

Rod H

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There have been 23 replies to this post and only 2 are happy with the new layout.

Because this is a web site for People to discuss, find out , inform and generally enjoy it would seem that the web site designers really need to come up with something more acceptable.

If you have dissatisfied readers and don't remedy their dislikes then you will eventually lose your subscriber/ reader base.

I really enjoy reading and participating in this web site but not as much as I used to due to the change.


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I think the forum got enhanced. Support earlier comments. Life was much simpler when the site was simple and functional.


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I am logging in for the first time since the new website is up just to say how ridiculously bad it is - it is so bad that I totally stopped using and visiting this website and forum. It's a damn shame. Bring back the old AUSBT! Relevant topics, great community, easy to use!

If no major changes will occur on exec-traveller I will have to say adios for good...


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PS: also the search option for old forums is totally useless as it is not working. There were very useful tips in the community comments on AUSBT (if u searched for example for “ORC” some comments had super useful tips) - now all gone!

Why change something that was perfectly good and working?? A major step back! I noticed the lack of community engagement - which is quite demotivating .




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OK, here is another issue. On a multi-page thread like this one, from page 1 if I click on the '2' the page refreshes but is still on page 1......and if you click on the cute little camera icon in this dialogue you get asked for a URL but can't add a file.

Sorry guys but whoever did this refresh for you clearly doesn't understand how forums work. They should take a look at how Internet Brands does them.


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I'm glad I'm not the only one!

I find the new site terrible and it's stopped me coming here. I used to come here daily to see what was new etc.

Now I'd be lucky to visit once a week. I just find the whole site awful.

Such a shame. I was a massive fan of the old site.

Rod H

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There's absolutely no doubt about it the VAST majority of responders want a change to the web site.

I do hope David is giving this some careful thought as it was so much better before and we don't want to see readers moving away from the site.

It's far too good a web site for Business Travellers but not in it's current format.

I do appreciate that it was good to update the site but I'm afraid this version is not the one we like to see and use.

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I am actually surprised David hasn't had some input into this thread. Sid did comment but only at the very beginning

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