Qantas often blocked empty seats for me for international flights but sometimes won't. Who decides ?

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The other thing to do is to fly business! Get on a redeye, lie down, have a sleep and save both a hotel for the night and an extra day. Perhaps you need to do the sums? (Sorry, consult your financial advisor to give you an actuarial assessment)


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Getting the spare seat has more to do with the fact the forward seats can only be preselected for p1 p and gold and only released more generally much closer to departure. This means if the flight is really full or another couple with status chose 2 seats next to you the your out of luck. Given most people who fly frequently enough to have status usually fly solo they won't preselect a middle seat. Regardless of status at or after checkin you can always ask to move seats to try and achieve a spare seat. All depends on how full the flight is. Seats can be blocked and there are hard and soft ‘courtesy' blocks but these are not mentioned as perks. Courtesy blocks are generally reserved for special needs passengers eg. someone travelling with an infant on their lap. These can be over ridden by checkin staff if the seat is needed. Hard blocks are used for operational reasons. Eg damaged seat or load balancing. Asking routinely for a courtesy block would seem a bit entitled.


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Originally Posted by John Phelan

You seem to be very keen on the "rights" of Platinum members. The only "right" you have is to be transported in accordance with the ticket you purchased. Anything else that the airline does for you, or gives you, is at its discretion - and that means at the discretion of the agent (who, by the way, is not a "clerk").

Rights? What rights?

10. Refusal of Carriage and Denied Boarding

10.1 Refusal of Carriage

Even if you have a Ticket and a confirmed reservation, we may refuse to carry you and your Baggage if any of the following circumstances have occurred or we reasonably believe will occur:

  • if carrying you or your Baggage may put the safety of the aircraft or the safety or health of any person in the aircraft in danger or at risk
  • if you have used threatening, abusive or insulting words towards our ground staff or a member of the crew of the aircraft or otherwise behaved in a threatening manner
  • if carrying you or your Baggage may materially affect the comfort of any person in the aircraft
  • if carrying you will break government laws, regulations, orders or an immigration direction from a country to which you are travelling or are to depart from
  • because you have refused to allow a security check to be carried out on you or your Baggage
  • because you do not appear to have all necessary documents
  • if you fail to comply with any applicable law, rule, regulation or order or these Conditions of Carriage
  • if you fail to complete the check-in process by the Check-In Deadline or fail to arrive at the boarding gate on time
  • because you have not obeyed the instructions of our ground staff or a member of the crew of the aircraft relating to safety or security
  • because you have not complied with our medical requirements
  • because you require special assistance and you have not made prior arrangements with us for this
  • if you are drunk or under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • if you are, or we reasonably believe you are, in unlawful possession of drugs
  • if your mental or physical state is a danger or risk to you, the aircraft or any person in it
  • if you have committed a criminal offence during the check-in or boarding processes or on board the aircraft
  • if you have deliberately interfered with a member of our ground staff or the crew of the aircraft carrying out their duties
  • if you have put the safety of either the aircraft or any person in it in danger
  • if you have made a threat
  • because you have committed misconduct on a previous flight and we have reason to believe that such conduct may be repeated
  • because you cannot prove you are the person specified on the Ticket on which you wish to travel
  • because you are trying to use a Flight Coupon out of sequence without our agreement
  • if you destroy your travel documents during the flight
  • if you have refused to allow us to photocopy your travel documents
  • if you have refused to give your travel documents to a member of Our ground staff or the crew of the aircraft when we have asked you to do so
  • if we reasonably believe you will ask the relevant government authorities for permission to enter a country through which you are Ticketed as a transit Passenger
  • because your Ticket:
    • is not paid for
    • has been reported lost or stolen
    • has been transferred
    • has been acquired unlawfully
    • has been acquired from someone other than us or an Authorised Agent
    • contains an alteration which has not been made by us or an Authorised Agent
    • is spoiled, torn or damaged or has otherwise been tampered with, or
    • is counterfeit or otherwise invalid.

In any of the situations in this 10.1, we may remove you from a flight, even after you have boarded, without any liability on our part, and cancel any subsequent flights on the Ticket.


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As an airline who wants to keep platinum travelers, doesn't it make sense to keep the seat next to a platinum open as opposed to some random passenger.

If it were my company, I would block that seat until the plane was full.

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The DFW A380 flight is good in economy as Qantas ensures business is full. That's where they make their money, not economy. Full cargo, baggage and full fuel means economy pax is reduced so maximum take off load is not exceeded. Economy pax take over rows after takeoff to be horizontal when sleeping.

A pretty handy result, except for the food.


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I am QFF gold and I requested to get my seat blocked during next to me during check-in on my flight from Hong Kong to Sydney. He phoned his superior, stating my status, and in less than 2 minutes he agreed to doing so. Onboard the flight I found out the flight was actually less than 70% full, so I guess it depends on the load (and of course the status)

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