Avios points earned when paying for upgrade from Economy to Premium Economy or Business

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Quite often British Airways will offer you a promotional upgrade. You'll sometimes see this when accessing your booking through the BA App or via BA.com. You can pay a fee to upgrade to a higher cabin (e.g., from Economy to Premium Economy or Business Class).

The good news is that if you do pay the fee for the promotional upgrade you'll be awarded Avios Points and Tier Points based on the new class you've purchased. For many other airlines, a paid upgrade will award you points based only on your original booking class.

For example, if you had booked British Airways Economy from Sydney to London, and you were offered a promotional upgrade to Business Class, and you paid the fee, you'd get Business Class Avios Points and Business Class Tier Points.

I wanted to post this here after finding mixed information online and after I did some research.

BA's own "Promotional Upgrade Terms and Conditions" specifically state that if you pay for a promotional upgrade then the Avios Points and Tier Points for the upgraded cabin will be credited:

Members of the British Airways Executive Club are eligible for Avios and Tier Points associated with the higher cabin. In the event that these are not credited at the time of the flight, they can be claimed retrospectively within six months through ba.com once travel has been completed. Customers who upgrade from a redemption ticket are not eligible for Avios or Tier points in either the original or upgraded cabin.

Note that if your original ticket was booked using Avios Points, and you then pay for an upgrade, you do NOT get any Avios Points or Tier Points

(Source: https://www.britishairways.com/travel/indseatsleftmmb/public/en_gb)

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