Qantas Gen 2 Skybeds on Brisbane flights?

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Usually when traveling to the USA i will choose the route from BNE to SYD to catch the A380 to LAX then onto different destinations in the US but now with the flight from BNE to DFW I'm considering it except for the fact that i will refuse to go on the older planes with the generation 1 flat beds. As everyone else has complained you just can't sleep on them because of the angle!

So can anyone tell me if the flights from and to brisbane have the 2nd generation lit flat beds similar to the A380?



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BNE-LAX now features one of the reconfigured 747s, which are fitted with the same lie-flat Skybed II as the A380... so, you can catch this from BNE to LAX and get an onwards domestic US flight from there to wherever.


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Yes, appears as though every second flight has the newly re-fitted 747.

If you want to get a better idea...

1. Check aircraft rego for the newly configured 747-400ER at

Then if you click on the newly configured seating plan (i.e. without First) you'll notice in the top right hand corner of the PDF a list of all aircraft regos with this config. As you can see only VH-OEG is listed.

2. Then if you go the excellent, you can do either a route tracker or a jet tracker search to see if these aircraft are operating on the route you're interested in.

This will hopefully then allow you to better predict which aircraft you'll actually have.

Enjoy the brand new cabins!


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As far as I'm aware, to fly BNE to DFW you have to go via SYD anyway. Id go straight to LAX from BNE. 


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I tried to reply to this post but it has not been approved by ausbt. Perhaps this was because I recommended that the poster look to another site to assist him with his travel plans - ie qantas and theqantassource. If this was the case (and I'll presume it is if I don't get a reply) I will no longer look to this website for news and information. I thought the whole point of the discussion forum was to learn from fellow travellers?

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No mate, it's because you included multiple links and our spamcatcher snagged it as spam, which sets it in a queue for approval. I've just published it. 

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