What next for Velocity elites?

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We don't know much about what VA 2.0 looks like, but we do know that leveraging Velocity and customer segmentation are priorities for Bain. Benefits will change, status will change. What do you think Velocity elites will lose, or gain in the transition? What would you like to see added? When the dust settles, what will decide the future of your loyalty?


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Platinum, and the following is enough for me.

A reasonable lounge with refreshments and good wifi, not too crowded. Proper meal-like food at dinner time and a passable breakfast. In other words, exactly what they had, though I personally can take or leave the free booze.

A reasonable business class with more space, a nicer atmosphere and decent service, a good meal at dinner time and free booze. This is aspirational for me, so reasonable upgrade paths and availability - I only upgrade from time to time on long segments, particularly after a tough week away. Again, in other words exactly what they had.

But the deal maker or breaker for me is free economy X, that's what I base my QF/VA decision on.

Happy to lose the other frills.


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Also liked Fly Ahead, or whatever it was called, though I expect it cost them significant marginal revenue from precisely those customers who might pay it.


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Pricing for business class seats, lounge access, Delta alliance & their lounge access, complimentary economy X seat selection...... as previous statements, don't change........


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Also there needs to be a viable and attractive way to use Velocity points for international flights. If Virgin isn't to have its own international network, it needs to have strong bilateral alliances with overseas airlines (eg. Delta, Singapore, Etihad) and/or join an alliance (eg. SkyTeam) and/or continue its option of transferring to KrisFlyer. I'd be happy with any two of the above three.


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Alliance. I'm sick of keeping up with VA's virtual group of partner airlines when trying to book a complicated family holiday.

I received a OWE Qatar match. With my VA Platinum extended as all have, in the next 12-18 months I dearly hope something is sorted in this space.

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Rod H

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Whilst I am no longer a Velocity Elite ( used to be Platinum a while ago ) I will not fly Business with VA until things settle down and normal on board service is resumed and clarified. We wont know for a while yet just what on board service if any VA's new business Class will be like so given the fare price ATM I won't be travelling with them any time soon.

It's quite a shame as I did fly a fair bit with them in business class and found it way better than Qantas.

Difficult times ahead for all of their staff so I guess my whinge is miniscule compared to the suffering those who will be made redundant will have.

I really hope the new owners come up with a product that is reasonably close to the old business class and if so then I will fly with them again but if not---- then it's with regret I go to Qantas.

Let's hope the revamped VA can still offer a good business class product even though it won't be quite as good as the previous one.

The biggest loss will be the A330 fabulous business class seating and service, the B737 can in no way match that but I guess it will be better that economy class.

The very best of luck and wishes go to the staff at VA for their future.

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I am a Velocity Plat flier. (1) Keep the points transfer and earning arrangement with SIA. (2) Retain business class. Loss of the second is a deal breaker.


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Am also VA Plat and agree with waratahbay - keep Biz, tho it might not be much of a sticking point if VA2 decide Hobart is one of the routes they ditch.

Face it, with half the fleet, there will be plenty of places cut and others reduced to 1 or 2 flts a day, probly aligned to common Intl arrvl & dep times. Of course thats IF Virgin retain their current Intl partners..

If they dont - and you live outside of the Hub cities - then then get ready for less convenient domestic connections for Intl trips - longer layovers, perhaps via Mel only, and booking separate Dom legs with Jetscar or QF. Double checkins. sheesh,


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They do have some lounges.


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For me from Adelaide the stuff that'll keep me with VA are/is:

- retaining business class (737s are fine for domestic)

- retaining the lounges to more or less the same standard

- at least 1 or 2 flights from Adelaide to Sydney and Melbourne per day

- fly-ahead benefit

- similar redemption availability as before

Don't really care about international links. At the end of the day if they have a business class product for 10 to 30% less than Qantas I'd much rather fly with VA.


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Here's an unpopular opinion.

I think, they should outsource the lounges, then allow business class to use it, but also for economy or whatever to pay to use it. Then they can offer lounges in more destinations.

I don't think they should have a "better" business class product because it's too way expensive. I think it'll be cheaper, but reasonably priced.


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For me the key aspects that have me interesting in maintaining Platinum (I currently predominately am booked into economy with my companies policies and upgrade to business with my points adhoc):

-Economy X benefit

-Lounges staying at current level minimum. Would be willing to pay a small amount for reasonable sit-down major meals but I'm a fan of the toasties so am not too fussed.

-Barista coffee to stay in lounges. Booze is nice but coffee is essential.

-Keeping international partners. I understand that the hodgepodge can be frustrating but having nothing would be worthless. In the past couple of years I've flown with Virgin Atlantic, Singapore, Etihad, Delta due to their partnership and the ease of having a lounge before long flights. I was looking forward to ANA preCOVID

-Fly ahead is useful on the major routes. Whenever I've used it I've been told to run to the gate so I can't see it costing them a lot for something that is a nice bonus for someone travelling often.


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Agree with most of above comments - VA as we know it, basis 737's, maybe with less of a scrum in the lounges, but Intl partners, and FF benefits mostly retained. Rest of this rant isnt strictly on topic..

Its a cleft stick for Bain re Intl partners - they need connections overseas and will realise its what keeps a lot of their FF's loyal - having status access away from Aust and seamless connections within. But then today Singapore Inc (in the shape of bond holder Broad Peak Invs, plus HK's Tor Invs) sought an injunction to get a look at the Bain deal w/ administrators.

Bain's deal is rumoured to mean 0% return for bond holders who may consider liquidation will at least get them 'something'.. So failure to see sense on the Bain deal (if they are allowed by court) may lead them to vote w other creditors against the Bain deal. In which case Bain's proposal wont get thru Creditors meeting, VA becomes a fire sale of parts, operating licences voided - and any Intl alliance becomes a memory as SQ, EY, the 2 Chinese shareholders and other creditors line up for a few cents per $.

If bond holders do get a look they will need to be persuaded that Bain paying to run VA (from last week ?) until Creditor's meeting late Aug justifies the terms Bain has struck.

Second guesses anyone ?

Rod H

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Sad as it may seem I think that what Tasclean has said is looking quite likely.

I sure hope it's not the outcome because if it is then it's the end of VA.

One can only hope that there is a way around this for all of the staff's sake and the travelling public .

If VA fails then a certain Irish fellow from QF will be laughing all the way to the Bank.

For the travelling publics sake , not to mention their staff , VA cannot be allowed to fail.

Time will tell.

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