Jetstar not issuing refunds for COVID cancelled flights

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With both Qantas and Virgin now offering cash refunds for cancelled flights impacted by COVID-19, I'm surprised and frustrated to see Jetstar still holding out and enforcing vouchers in lieu of a refund. Has anyone had any luck on getting cash back on flights cancelled for COVID? Any advice on how to best approach this and escalate? Current process of online chat with Customer Service Rep who is not empowered to offer refund is not working out...


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Jetstar cancelled my domestic flight last week. I contacted them to ask for a refund and they said yes. There was no pushback or argument.


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Jetstar is the only airline i haven't been able to get a refund from, despite in some cases having a max (refundable fare).

I now have over $3K in credits....

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If the flight has been cancelled, you should get a refund under Australian Consumer Law. If Jetstar is resisting, I would do a credit card chargeback so that you definitely get your money back.


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It took a bit of effort but we got a refund on a busi max fare. Their attitude isn't acceptable though


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I was in a similar position a week ago, with JQ cancelling the flight I was booked on due to COVID border restrictions. JQ sent an email advising of the cancellation and offering a travel credit voucher, setting out all the steps you need to take to accept the travel credit voucher. In fact, accepting a travel credit can be done without ever having to contact a customer service assistant (either via chat or over the phone). It is not until you read the second half of the email where they imply you can get a cash refund: "If you need to, you can chat with us online about alternative options that are available to you, including a refund or a free move to an available flight". Quite obvious that this is genuinely designed to push customers towards accepting a travel credit rather than the cash refund they are (rightly) entitled to, through an email script which is hard to follow, and making it more difficult to obtain a cash refund over a travel credit. I contacted their online customer service team and was issued a cash refund.


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I am surprised you are having this issue. I had a Jetstar flight cancelled on me and was offered the standard voucher. As it was cancelled I knew I was entitled to a refund. I contacted them via chat - was speaking to an agent within 7 minutes (which really surprised me). Asked for a refund. It was granted without question and I received the money back to my card in less than 10 days. Very impressed!

Good luck!


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Vouchers only no refund thanks for nothing I won't ever fly Jetstar again

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Jetstar provide no refund. Only voucher provided. I also wish to add that, Jetstar did not place their customers' needs first. For a short holiday trip. It is impossible to travel 3-7 days, quarantine for 14 days, and when fly back home, quarantine for another 14 days. It doesn't make sense.

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