London and Hong Kong lounges closing permanently?

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KW72 Banned

KW72 Banned

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All the lounge staff at Qantas lounges in London and Hong Kong have been made redundant, and apparently the lounge space will be handed back to the airports and will not reopen again even if flights resume.

If confirmed, very disappointing news as these were two of the best Qantas lounges. But I guess the rationale is these are at destinations with good oneworld options?


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Doubt this, both lounges have a huge benefit to supporting Qantas services as well as other partner airlines. Would be more surprised to see Tokyo go first.


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I'd imagine the issue with the lounges is that they will probably be closed for another 12 months, so that's why unfortunately the staff have been let go. I could imagine the HK lounge closing due to the better relationship with CX, but with the London one, I think this is more to do with the likely extended travel ban between Australia and Europe.


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The CX Wing at HGK was always much nicer in any case-esp if you scored a cabana on a long layover.



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KW they will be open when the time comes in a year or so. Nobody else is rushing to take them over.

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Qantas needs to conserve cash, so has terminated the employment of these staff, as it's not likely there will be a quick return of services to these cities. When services do return, and passenger numbers are sufficient, the lounges will be re-opened and staff re-hired.

That will certainly be the case in Hong Kong. London is perhaps a bit more complicated, given the idea of hubbing all oneworld airlines at Terminal 5 (BA). If passenger numbers take an extended time to recover, it is quite possible that QF will move to T5 for some time at least, rendering the Qantas lounge in T3 redundant.

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Andrew Barkery

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Possibly so, or they don't want to keep the staff on their books.

They can always use partner lounges, like what it is with CHC, where they use the Manaia lounge.

Also, no QF10 for the forseeable future from LHR to PER, its all partner, either with EK/AY/or Aer Lingus and then Znurch.

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KW72 Banned

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It is also curious that in the article about lounges reopening eventually there is mention of Singapore and Los Angeles. However no mention made of Hong Kong or London by Tully.


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Can’t say I’m disappointed. The London lounge was an absolute circus. Always over capacity due to the hordes of Qantas Club members trying to drink and eat the value of their inexpensive membership fees at the gin bar and restaurant area. The Cathay Emerald lounges were always a much better proposition in Hong Kong.

I’m not looking forward to travelling when Covid is over. Premium services will have been cut to within an inch of their life by the time Qantas takes off internationally again. I’m going to save myself the trouble of what’s looking increasingly like budget travel and do business by VC to the maximum extent possible/shift loyalty to SQ, which is actually committed to their premium product.


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Aren't most of the Qantas lounges operated by a local service company such as a hotel chain like Accor, with the only Qantas staff (or local ground handling company staff) being at the front desk?

It would seem more likely that the contracts with Accor (etc) have expired and Qantas, given the current travel issues, isn't going to renew them, and pay for a service that isn't being used, until they see a need to reopen the lounge in question.

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