Eight expert inflight beauty tips from British Airways cabin crew

By David Flynn, January 24 2014
Eight expert inflight beauty tips from British Airways cabin crew

How is that most of us get to the other end of a long-distance flight looking like death warmed up, but the cabin crew are still so fabulously put-together? British Airways cabin crew member Rachel Carter reveals eight insider tips for female travellers.

1. Keep your make-up in place with a good primer. You can sleep soundly in it and it will keep everything where it should be ready for a perfect landing. An eyeshade is also a good idea to stop you rubbing your eye make-up off if you're nodding off.

2. Invest in a good foundation. Estee Lauder's Double Wear is a perfect foundation to last for the full flight, which gives you a clear complexion and will boost your confidence without feeling too heavy.

3. If you're planning to go to sleep for a few hours, why not take the opportunity of being sat down to moisturise your feet? Smother your feet in a layer of moisturiser – I would recommend Aveeno, it’s perfume free and comes in a travel size. Then put on a pair of old thick socks (or BA ones) and enjoy a mini pedicure inflight.

4. Scientists have proven that the atmosphere inside an aircraft is as dry as the Sahara desert, so lip balm is a must on a longhaul flight. (BA's new First amenity kit contains a fantastic Aromatherapy Associates balm which is brilliant at soothing chapped lips and keeping them soft and well hydrated.)

5. It’s an old favourite, but when you’re travelling don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Alcohol and hot drinks can dehydrate you and will have an effect on your comfort levels and your skin. Aim to drink at least two glasses an hour.

6. If you suffer from greasy hair, dry shampoo is an absolute saviour. You can buy travel size versions now, which will fit perfectly in your handbag and are easy to use just before landing. Batiste is a favourite with cabin crew.

7. If your hands are fresh, you will feel fresh. There are a whole range of great hand sanitisers available, but if you’re ever visiting the United States pop in to Bath & Body Works and pick up their 'warm sugar vanilla’ Pocketbac. It smells fantastic, and I haven’t found one as nice in the UK.

8. And if all else fails... make sure you always carry a good lipstick, some sunglasses and a pashmina, which will hide all manner of sins as you make your way through the arrivals hall!

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Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

18 Feb 2013

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That's great for the ladies but what about us men? I look like a train wreck after a flight to NY and thats with a freshen up shower at LAX. Any tips for us?


28 Feb 2014

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On a long haul flight I remove my makeup with micellar water and cotton pads.  Then I use a hydrating mask - NARS does a good one that isn't a visible mask.  I use a hydrating spray during the flight - Trilogy do a good one.  I also top up the mask if necessary.  Before landing I clean my face with micellar water again then use tinted moisturiser, mascara and lipstick.  I also use the lipstick to put a bit of colour in my cheeks.  All of this can be done at your seat.

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