Google Maps app for iPhone now available for download

By David Flynn, December 13 2012
Google Maps app for iPhone now available for download

Google Maps for the iPhone is now available for download, allowing owners of the iPhone 5 – along with earlier iPhones which have been updgraed to Apple's iOS 6 – to replace the much-maligned Apple Maps with the familiar and more trusted Google software.

Google Maps was pre-installed on the iPhone since the smartphone made its debut in 2007, but Apple dropped Google Maps from this year's iOS 6 update, in favour of home-grown mapping software which quickly proved to be plagued with problems.

The new Google Maps app features voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation, as also found on Google Maps for Android, along with street view mode and in some countries – but not Australia, alas – public transit mode.

The not-so-great news? The app's only designed for the iPhone, not the iPad. However, it's definitely more usable on the screen of the iPad Mini compared to a full-size iPad.

Download: Google Maps for iPhone


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Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

26 May 2012

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That is good news! Any knowledge as to whether or not other apps which relay on the core maps can call on Google Maps, or if we're likley stuck with Apple Maps for those... e.g. Facebook, Foursquare, etc.

29 Nov 2012

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They released an API alongside so that developers can use Google Maps as the default if they prefer.


22 Mar 2012

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Thank god! This is really overdue, considering that even the Victorian Police are saying not to use it because of people getting lost and dying! Sheesh, pick up your game Apple..

Fantastic! Finally!

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

23 May 2012

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Finally, Apple Maps has been the worse thing that has happened to Apple since the iPhone. It's the worst in Australia, Mildura is 70kms from where it exactly is and reports from police have said that people are getting lost. Good job Google!

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

15 Oct 2012

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I have installed the app on both my ipad 2 and ipad mini and works fine. In App Store it's not identified for ipad. Install from the iPhone apps tab. 

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