Lufthansa develops fireplace for VIP jets

By David Flynn, May 19 2015
Lufthansa develops fireplace for VIP jets

That fully-stocked bar or jacuzzi in your private jet just became passé and passed-over. The next new thing is a fireplace.

It's not a real fireplace, of course, so you can put away thoughts of those freshly roasting marshmallows.

Designed by the boffins at Lufthansa Technik, this is 'fireless fireplace' which simulates those warming flames by gently spraying illuminated water mist over an illuminated imitation of burning wood.

The 'heat', sound and the intensity of the flame can be adjusted by a remote control, and no doubt there'll soon be an iPhone app for that.

"Many private customers wish to have an interior in the aircraft which is as cozy their living room at home" explains Lufthansa Technik, which is showcasing its concept at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition in Geneva.

"Until now, an open fireplace has been one of the no-go's on board an aircraft, due to safety regulations... Lufthansa Technik's new Fireless Fireplace looks and sounds like a real fireplace and gives passengers a warm feeling while traveling at cruising altitude."

It could be the perfect addition to your new $55 million Gulfstream VIP jet or even that private Airbus A330.

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