Emirates goes thrice-daily from Melbourne, Sydney

Though not on a superjumbo, the additional flights will still deliver plenty of inflight comfort.

By Chris Ashton, January 23 2023
Emirates goes thrice-daily from Melbourne, Sydney

Following on from last week’s reveal of a schedule boost between Brisbane and Dubai, Gulf carrier Emirates is now turning its attention to Sydney and Melbourne, unveiling plans to add a third daily service from both cities later in the year.

March 26 will see the launch of EK405 from Melbourne. Unlike the non-stop Airbus A380 flights (EK409/EK407) currently serving the city though, the new Boeing 777 connection will make a pitstop in Singapore, before continuing on to Dubai.

Sydney, on the other hand, will see the introduction of a third non-stop link, with EK417 taking off from May 1. Also on a Boeing 777, it joins the existing double-daily A380 flights.

Barry Brown, Divisional Vice President Australasia at Emirates, says the third daily services from Sydney and Melbourne will offer over 500,000 extra seats to and from Australia in a year.

“To have the two cities operating back at pre-pandemic frequencies is a phenomenal milestone in our restoration of Australia capacity and testament to our longstanding commitment to flying down under,” Brown adds.

The new Melbourne service is as follows:

  • EK405 takes off from Melbourne at 3:25am, touches down in Singapore at 8:15am, before continuing on to Dubai at 9:40am, for a 1pm arrival local time.
  • EK404 departs Dubai at 9:15pm, arriving in Singapore at 8:50am. The flight then continues on to Melbourne at 10:25am, arriving at 8:35pm local time.

Sydney’s third-daily flight will operate on the following schedule:

  • EK417 sees wheels up from Sydney at 8:10pm, arriving in Dubai at a bleary-eyed 4:30am.
  • EK416 jets off from Dubai at 9:30pm, landing in Sydney at 5:20pm the next day.

Although missing the airline’s new premium economy, Emirates’ three class Boeing-777 300 still offers plenty of mile high comfort, with eight suites tucked away behind sliding doors in first class, and 42 lie flat seats in business.

In November last year, the Qantas partner began an ambitious US$2 billion retrofit of its A380s and 777s. Once complete in 2025, nearly half of its fleet – an impressive 120 aircraft – will feature the new premium economy, in addition to an enhanced first and business class.

Etihad - Etihad Guest

21 Jul 2019

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Chris, do you know if pax will be able to book just the MEL - SIN leg of EK405 as a standalone flight (in both directions)?

Thai Airways International - Royal Orchid Plus

16 May 2011

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Yes, will be the same as before. The flights are fifth freedom, meaning that Emirates can carry passengers on just the MEL-SIN legs.

24 Aug 2011

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Yes, you can.  I have previously used this flight with a QF code though can't say I'll be rushing to use it again as a 3:25AM departure from MEL is hardly attractive previously this flight left MEL at 7:30PM and arrived into SIN around 12:30AM.  The return flight may be useful as it does offer a daytime flight from SIN to MEL something which QF has, up until now, not been able to match SQ with.

01 Apr 2014

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The 03:25 departure from MEL is only when MEL is in Daylight Savings. The following week from 2nd April, it will be back to a 02:25 departure from MEL which is not too bad for a short overnight sleep to SIN. If continuing on, the 13:00hrs arrival into DXB is a good time. Really just comes down to your preferred timings for connections and arrivals elsewhere. 

At least this gives some more options ex Aus East Coast.

Looks like it. I just checked random dates in April and the MEL-SIN leg is bookable.

Looks like it. I just checked the Emirates website and the MEL-SIN leg is bookable in April.

23 Jan 2023

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Lol, arriving in Dubai at 04.30 is bleary eyed, but departing Melbourne for Singapore at 03.25 is ok.


03 May 2013

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Would never sit on a loud 777 that long when you have the superior A380 as an option. Emirates or not.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

05 Oct 2016

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Whaaat? Where are the screams of objections from Qantas protesting sanctimoniously about the government backed airlines getting all this extra access to the Australian market, like they did when their frenemy QR wanted to....??!! 

07 Oct 2012

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@MKS11 - Why would they? Emirates is operating within the capacity allowed as negotiated between the UAE and Australia.

24 Aug 2011

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I think the poster was referring to QF's behaviour where, at one point, EK was treated as the devil incarnate and then QF announced its JV with EK and everything changed.  Now, QR, despite nominally being a Oneworld partner, has assumed the role of devil.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

09 Jun 2017

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Liking the option of the daytime Singapore Melbourne flight. SQ has been getting the business for my trips up there over the past year for this reason and a couple of times with Scoot metal the only available flights home for which I could well do without.

09 Jan 2023

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I think I would rather stay home than book a flight that left MEL at 3:30am!

24 Jan 2023

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Great product in economy on the A380, though quite gauche. Inconsistent when compared to the 777 economy product. 

I consider any operator that has a 10 abreast economy product on the 777 as no better than a low cost carrier. 

I avoid 10 abreast on 777 like the plague, it's bloody awful. Always fly on an Airbus if your flying economy - at least you'll get an 18" wide seat. 

Makes a surprisingly big difference. 

UA *Gold Lifetime

18 Dec 2015

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Does anyone know if the 777 business class refit will see a 2/2/2 config or mirror the A380 1/2/1 ?

Or just new seat covers and staying at 2/3/2 🙄

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