Photos: inside Air France's new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

By David Flynn, January 6 2017
Photos: inside Air France's new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

Air France's new Boeing 787-9 takes flight this week, ahead of beginning commercial flights to London, Cairo and Montreal, and Australian Business Traveller can share the first official photos from inside the French flag-carrier's Dreamliner.

Up front are 30 business class seats arranged in the pleasingly familiar and increasingly standard 1-2-1 layout.

Each seat converts into a two-metre long fully-flat bed, with 40 inch pitch between the seats and a sleep service boasting "soft seat cushions, a silky duvet and an XXL feather pillow”.

The 21 premium economy seats are arranged 2-3-2 with 40 inches of seat pitch...

... with a 130 degree recline into a fixed shell, so that the legroom directly ahead of your seat is never intruded upon by the passenger in front of you.

Other features of the new Air France premium economy seats include "additional storage space and innovative features including an individual reading light, a tray table with a groove for posing a digital tablet or book, an electric socket and a USB port."

225 economy seats ranked 3-3-3 round out the plane, at 17.3 inches wide and with a 31 inch pitch.

Of course, none of that's as swish as the Skyteam member's luxe Boeing 777 first class...

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Turkish Airlines - Miles & Smiles

08 Jun 2014

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Do you know any future routes? KUL or SIN perhaps...

24 Oct 2010

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As always - now repeat after me, everyone - "if we knew about any other future routes we'd have printed them in the article."

Turkish Airlines - Miles & Smiles

08 Jun 2014

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I'm silly. Apologies...

29 Mar 2014

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Hoping that if SIN gets 789, service to CGK will become viable again. Used to take that flight so much because they were so much cheaper than SQ and GA, on the same level of the budget airlines, but also being miles ahead in product of the budgets.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

15 Mar 2016

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For a brief period of time, the Paris - London route might be better by plane than Eurostar!


16 Nov 2011

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Ignoring the nightmares that are LHR and CDG!

24 Aug 2011

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Premium Economy looks great.  I wonder if this is similar to the revolutionary W class that QF are releasing on its 787s  

02 Jan 2013

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Funny you say that ajstubbs, I booked CDG-LHR a couple of week ago for March 10th in AF's Dreamliner....$30AUD cheaper then the Eurostar so can't complain. 

Whilst economy on this jet would clearly be unutterable hell, the Business and Premium Econ sections look very, VERY sexy. Everything Is Sexier If French, after all.

The plane will also be used to replace leisure-fleet A340s so, well, in that market "sardine 'em in" isn't unjustifiable considering that market puts price before everything. Sure, its not perfect but hey, there's Premium Econ on board so there are options. 

Good work Air France!

Air New Zealand - Airpoints

21 Jan 2016

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I was thinking the same if QF was going to use AF PE seats. They look cool.

It always amuses me seeing the marketing shot of people looking so rested in Premium Economy! The subtext would read "I'm so relaxed because I've parted with x2 or x3 the cost of your economy class seats peasants - Hurry along down the isle peasants, this is not your cabin" LOL

And by comparison, Economy cabins are always pictured empty or with passengers very much dispersed, as is to provide that illusion of a spacious cabin.

So very lame...

Turkish Airlines - Miles & Smiles

08 Jun 2014

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I've flown Premium many times before and can say you are indeed rested and it is more of a comfortable flight than in Y. It's one thing that the seats are comfortable but your mind is set at ease that you're at least one up those in Y!

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