Photos: new Emirates, Qatar first and business class amenity kits

By Chris C., December 22 2016
Photos: new Emirates, Qatar first and business class amenity kits

First class and business class passengers of Emirates and Qatar Airways will now find new luxury amenity kits waiting at their seats.

In Emirates first class, high flyers receive one of four rotating Bulgari kits appropriate to their gender, with pale grey for the ladies and charcoal grey for the gents.

Inside, the kits offer a dental set, tissues, a fold-out hair brush, a refresher towel and Bulgari body lotion and lip balm, with Bulgari nourishing hand cream, Eau de Cologne, nourishing face emulsion and a make-up mirror added to the female kits…

… while gentlemen instead receive Bulgari Eau Parfumée, after shave balm, a face razor with Gillette foam and Lynx Black body spray:

Similar amenities can too be found in Emirates business class which again features four designs for each gender, but without the Eau de Cologne for ladies and the refreshing towel for gents – with Rexona roll-on antiperspirant also replacing the Lynx spray:

When instead flying with Qatar Airways, first class guests can unzip amenity kits by Bric’s, inspired by the company’s Bellagio series and offered in black, grey, burgundy and white, with full grain leather inserts and an eye-catching exterior with contrasting stitching accents and a Tuscan leather trim.

The male version of these kits include a Bric’s leather luggage tag, socks, ear plugs and an eyeshade, plus Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio city cream, hydrating facial mist, night time anti-ageing moisturiser and lip balm, pictured above.

Ladies receive similar kits but with the addition of a wooden hairbrush:

Qatar’s business class kits too come in black, grey, burgundy and white – just without the hairbrush, night-time moisturiser and baggage tag offered in first class:

Emirates first class passengers can also relax in new ‘self-moisturising’ first class pyjamas throughout their journey.

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