Singapore Airlines now offers free WiFi in first, business class

By David Flynn, February 14 2018
Singapore Airlines now offers free WiFi in first, business class

Singapore Airlines is now providing free inflight Internet to first class and business class travellers, along with its elite PPS Club frequent flyers.

The offer applies to all SQ aircraft fitted with inflight Internet, including its flagship Airbus A380s and long-range Boeing 777-300ER jets along with the newer Airbus A350s.

Just don't get too excited about the notion of enjoying unlimited free WiFi between your Book the Cook meals: the Star Alliance member has capped the gratis connection at a relatively low amount of data.

Passengers in first class (including the A380 Suites) get 100MB to use after entering their family name and seat number into the Complimentary Access section of the inflight Internet portal.

Business class travellers and those holding PPS Club membership will find a whopping "up to 30MB" at their fingertips, with Singapore Airlines advising that the exact data allowance varies "depending on aircraft type and can be viewed via the onboard portal upon successful connection."

After you've mowed through those megabytes, it's back to a paid plan – which can be based on either how much data you use or how long you stay online, depending on which aircraft you're on.


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Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

14 Mar 2017

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Paid plans are only about $20 per flight, a relative pittance on top of the fare, and well worth it if you plan on doing any serious work. Not sure about this 30MB business, looks like a marketing ploy.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

23 Oct 2013

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Wow... 30MB that's enough to check my e... oh wait my data has just run out.

I'd almost call that insulting on the A350's and 777's. I'd expect at least a 1 hours pack to be comparable to what the A380's OnAir can offer. Scoot do use the same connectivity as Singapore's A350/B777's and charge ~A$15 for 50MB. 30MB when on the new A380's 30MB access only costs ~A$6 and the old A380's it's only ~A$15 to buy a 30MB pack.

So I guess this enhancement is only adding $15 value to a business class ticket and I'm not sure what others think but I don't think it'll make me book SQ over other carriers just because I get "free wifi".

22 Jan 2018

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30MB? Are they taking the piss?!!

12 Feb 2018

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First class baggage allowance is only 50kg and heavily enforced by rude and robotic check in staff at Sydney airport.

China Southern Airlines - Sky Pearl Club

30 Sep 2013

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Personally I feel Singapore Airlines has been resting on Laurels for far too long ,now has to play catch up against the Gulf carriers .

13 Feb 2017

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What a surprise.

I recently flew Singapore Airlines Business Class to the UK and Hawaiian Economy Comfort to Honolulu.

Hawaiian Airlines gave me a nice amenity bag. Singapore Airlines gave me a loose toothbrush in the toilets.

Singapore Airlines seem to be trying to offer a mediocre product at a big price premium.

The wi-fi Rort is just another example.

04 May 2016

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At those allowances, the title is misleading. It should read "Singapore Airlines now offers next-to-useless amount of free WiFi in first, business class"

Has this new system replaced the old system? I've just done a SIN-LHR-SIN trip on the 777s & it came with the free 30MB in business, but on previous flights (SIN-SFO-SIN, on A350s) they had iPass login.

My iPass account lets me go wild & download as much as I want over the course of the flight, so it's far better than the 30MB token allowance.

Does anyone know if the new system has removed iPass? Or if it's only available on selected flights?

06 Nov 2017

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just wanted to add to this, flew first class fro new york to Singapore to Sydney last week, yes the wifi is technically capped but all i needed to do was ask the cabin manager and I was given the and inflight code and had unlimited access for the entire flight. I was one of 4 in flight class from JFK to Frankfurt and , one of 6 from Frankfurt to Singapore

30mb for business class seems somewhat cheap, given many in business class are doing some form of work or data usage.....

13 Mar 2014

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Recently flew SQ MEL-SIN-MEL on 777-300ERs with inflight wifi, but on both flights the connection was so slow as to be effectively non-existent. Has anyone had any luck with SQ wifi?

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