Taking charge of business: Brett Kelly

By Staff Writers, September 25 2013
Taking charge of business: Brett Kelly

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This series of articles sponsored by American Express looks at some of Australia’s brightest and most successful small business entrepreneurs to determine what motivates them, how they got where they are today, and why charge is intrinsic to their business.  

Brett Kelly started his burgeoning accountancy business in an empty room in North Sydney. Just seven years later his firm, Kelly+Partners, employs 145 people across seven sites in New South Wales.

Born from change

Initially frustrated with how accountancy firms were not keeping people’s genuine interests at heart, Brett set out to change things. His aim was to create a business system that consistently delivered client outcomes.

Business soon grew, as did the number of people using credit cards. Every second person in the business was using their own card with their own benefits. Brett wanted to consolidate this into a single scheme with significant rewards.

One card for all

“A lot of businesses have four or five credit cards – they’re better off having one Charge Card they can properly utilise.”

For the past two years, Kelly+Partners have been using the American Express Platinum Business Card. Individual credit cards are now gone and all benefits are consolidated.

In their place is a Charge Card with no preset limit on an unsecured line of funding and a 51-day repayment period.

A rewarding arrangement

For Brett it’s all about the rewards. Points are a huge determining factor in why he chose Charge.

“We can send staff away on holidays, sort flights, and book them into hotels using our points. And it’s not just for directors, but for all our people.”

At any given time, company members can choose from multiple airlines, and use their points to book travel with ease.

“Having points in one place means I can tell Amex when and where we need to fly and they’ll work out the flights.”

There are other benefits that have impressed Brett.

“I was in London for three weeks and got a whole range of benefits using Amex. A better room rate and a free breakfast every day, which was far from insignificant.”

In 2013, Brett hopes to reward his customers by helping even more business owners get from where they are, to where they want to be.

Click here to watch an interview with Brett and other successful business owners.

If you’re interested in applying for a Platinum Business Card, American Express is offering an introductory 75,000 Membership Rewards points to those who apply by 31 December and spend $10,000 in the first 3 months. Just call 132 493 to get started. Visit the American Express Platinum Business Card website for full terms and conditions. 

This article is paid contentsponsored by American Express


Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

10 May 2011

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"Every second person in the business was using their own card with their own benefits. Brett wanted to consolidate this into a single scheme with significant rewards."

So Brett is reaping all the benefits from his staff using a credit card by consolidating all the rewards into his account? Such a nice boss!!

I used to work for a consultant and always made sure to use my on card and get the benefits, I was squeezed enough already as it was, the least they could give me was my reward points!!!

19 Jan 2012

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But, big brother Brett's gonna book your holiday for you using the points you would have earned!

I reckon this content could pass unedited as a satirical piece on a website like The Onion.

Maybe the "staff writers" have missed their calling?

Great photo too - struggled to work with scrawny scatchy stubble, pale face, vacant stare, after extensive travel using...Amex points...ready to tackle the overflowing shelves of unfiled client files to more secure locations (is there actually anything in any of those files?)...go Amex!

Seriously though, presumably they don't cap the annual point earn on the corporate platinum amex otherwise the benefit of all of that consolidation would only pay for very few employee vacations?


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