Uber for Business: putting riders in the front seat of sustainability

From electric vehicles to ESG reporting, Uber is creating a greener future one ride at a time.

By Staff Writers, November 14 2022
Uber for Business: putting riders in the front seat of sustainability
Executive Traveller x Uber

Sustainability is more than simply a buzzword. It’s a social responsibility, with changes big and small combining to deliver a cleaner, greener future. Every person has a role to play, yet it’s businesses that have power to drive the most meaningful outcomes.

Earlier this year, the EY Global Climate Risk Disclosure Barometer revealed more than 61% of businesses surveyed have disclosed strategies on how to reduce their carbon footprint, yet more are needed if we are to turn back the tide.

While it can indeed be a challenge for some to get onboard initially, particularly around the increased reporting that ensues, Uber for Business is now making it a whole lot easier.

As part of its commitment to being a zero emissions platform by 2040, Uber has debuted a new sustainability insights tool – accessible via the Uber for Business dashboard – which unlocks metrics from emissions per mile to graphs revealing the bigger picture. And that’s not all. 

Here’s how it works and why it could be a key part of your business’ environmental goals. 

Putting the power in your hands

As the world grapples with climate change, sustainability is being increasingly embraced by the corporate sector. Part of this involves monitoring environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. In simple terms, it’s essentially a way of tracking a business’ carbon footprint. 

Uber for Business puts this data within easy reach, and it’s free to set up.

When an organisation signs up to Uber for Business, their employees are enabled with a business profile in their already exciting Uber apps. Switching between Business and Personal only takes a toggle.

Then, every time a business rider takes a work ride, the data flows into the company’s Uber for Business dashboard. This reveals metrics such as the percentage of low-emission trips, in addition to the total and average emissions per mile.

More than simply raw numbers, the dashboard allows you to clearly see how you’re progressing with short- and long-term goals, and also offers info on how to bring total emissions down. 

More ways to ‘ride green’

Beyond the insights tool, new products are launching on the Uber for Business platform helping users to go green too, including the Down Under debut of Uber Comfort Electric – guaranteeing 100% emissions free trips – and incentives for driver partners to get behind the wheel of a premium electric vehicle.

Following a successful Californian rollout in September, Uber Comfort Electric will be making its way to Australian shores in 2023, giving riders a new way to go from A to B while also being a part of the climate solution.

The premium Polestar 2 electric vehicle will soon be a frequent sight in Sydney too, with rent-to-own arrangements made available by Uber’s partner Splend for existing drivers to switch to an EV. 

Internationally, Uber is teaming up with experts, NGOs, advocacy groups and charging network providers to help expedite a clean energy transition, and in turn reshape the mobility world as we know it. 

Lime bikes and scooters - a fun, zero emissions alternative for short trips in urban areas - are also now available to rent via the Uber app in 55+ cities globally, with more to come.  

What the future holds

As Uber makes headway on its zero emissions commitment, users can look forward to greater levels of transparency and choice from their rides, with the ESG insights tool just one way to measure – right now – how their actions can be part of the solution.

Easy to set up and even simpler to use, Uber for Business puts users in the front seat of sustainability.

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