• It sounds like really great news until you get a dose of reality,  it sounds too good to be true. Still so many unknowns, about the vacinne itself, its manufacture and distribution.  I'd like into be optimistic but this virus has way of striking back when you least expect it.I'm confide...

  • People have overreacted to the possibility of virus transmission on planes. The facts clearly show negilable transmission on plane, we've had hundred of thousands returned travellers, some with the virus yet no clusters on planes. Good to see the real facts revealed to stop people's paranoia.

  • I don't think Cyrus aim of returning Virgin 2 back as as full service airline is realistic, people would love to happen but I doubt it. All the other bids had a scaled down version returning because its very different aviation market now, the only way to survive is to lower the cost base. Bai...

  • I think some Premiers will look like fools if we can fly to NZ before other closed states.

  • The reference to 'Virgin Blue' smells of LCC to emerge from administration. It's probably the only viable option considering the state of the aviation market. To think it will be returning as a full service carrier as some expect or hope is delusional.

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