• So when the lounges start to become full, are they planning to turn away people based on a system? Eg free passes first, then qantas club members, then gold etc.... or how would this work(have they said as much yet?)

  • Hi ChrisI have a miles booking. It's using miles that expire in July this year. KF are not budging and saying I need to wait- yet today for commercial bookings they are extending credit until 31 March 2021xAny insider news re points bookings?Would love to know as I need to cancel by early June wh...

  • Thanks Jubbing. Have just texted to see what they say. Appreciate that.Meanwhile - virgin call centre is down for flights >24 hours away, due to Philippines making staff stay home so their call centres are mostly closed. Will be interesting to see how this pans out.

  • I canceled award bookings on Saturday. Seems it was a day or two early. 6000pp points deducted.

  • No hard feelings my end. Yes it's horribly hard to travel with elderly (and one disabled) parents. Wishing everyone happy travels wherever they may go.

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