• That all sounds logical and pleasing.Looking forward to seeing the rebranding in terms of company culture and service. Also looking forward to seeing their pricing in the future, compared to full service QF.I hope QF keeps their A330 product Transcon as it's such a treat to have flatbeds on this ...

  • So when the lounges start to become full, are they planning to turn away people based on a system? Eg free passes first, then qantas club members, then gold etc.... or how would this work(have they said as much yet?)

  • Hi ChrisI have a miles booking. It's using miles that expire in July this year. KF are not budging and saying I need to wait- yet today for commercial bookings they are extending credit until 31 March 2021xAny insider news re points bookings?Would love to know as I need to cancel by early June wh...

  • Thanks Jubbing. Have just texted to see what they say. Appreciate that.Meanwhile - virgin call centre is down for flights >24 hours away, due to Philippines making staff stay home so their call centres are mostly closed. Will be interesting to see how this pans out.

  • I canceled award bookings on Saturday. Seems it was a day or two early. 6000pp points deducted.

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