• Essence of fascism: society is a corporate identity in which everyone has a place -- workers in the factory, bosses in the office, women in the home, everyone respectful of their place because all positions in society are complementary. Foreigners are no use and should be excluded and expelled.Es...

  • We need a dose of realism in this discussion. Covid-19 is a dangerous disease (four times as bad as annual flu) with worrying long-term health consequences. Jurisdictions that have succeeded in controlling local infection rates are now experimenting with different mixes of restriction and liberal...

  • If the virus is rife in the community, you may not be the one at risk. It's easy to gamble with the health of others. And the health consequences of the lockdown are ambiguous. Many health outcomes have improved.

  • Victorian laws don't control the federal government. If you want a Bill of Rights, you'll have to vote labor!

  • The expression is a relic. Remember when British pound notes had the monarch saying 'I promise to pay the bearer on demand...'? That didn't mean anything, either.

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