• You had me right up until you mentioned LAX ;) 

  • "I do think this will be popular with Business Travellers combining a night or two in AKL before heading off to JFK. "Why would anyone want to spend a night or two in AKL when they are traveling for business to JFK?!?No offence, I'm not sure what line of work you are in, but my company doesn't wa...

  • QANTAS are so far behind when it comes to baggage tracking. United Airlines has had this for ages. I get a text message right after checkin. I can then use the app to confirm my bag was loaded onto the aircraft, was unloaded, and when it's on the way to baggage claim. 

  • Wasn't there some controversy on a Virgin aircraft where rugby players used the lounge all flight and no-one else could use it? Seems at least some people (other than rugby players) want to use the lounge if there was a complaint. 

  • It would be great if you reply with your experience!

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