• Totally agree - this feels like Boeing's order to lose. 787-9 seems to slot in nicely for LA/Asia with options for growth down the line using -10 models in the Asian market (or maybe a future ER model that could stretch to the US West Coast) and potentially some -8 if they want a bit more flexib...

  • For me with the original AirPods, I've never noticed any major reduction in the battery life. I usually have them in for at least 3 or so hours at a time running podcasts, music etc without the need to recharge.

  • Will likely depart AKL somewhere between 7pm-9pm to feed in the afternoon bank of Australia flights, and then would likely get back in to Auckland around 6/7am to feed back out to the morning bank of Australia flights.

  • Interesting choice for travellers by the time Sunrise comes live (if it gets green lighted) and flies out of Sydney. For me based in Brisbane, I'd likely prefer to go via Auckland than via Sydney to have bags go all the way through in each direction and to split the flights up a bit more.

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