• Oct 27, 2021, 02:55 PM

    NT are welcoming Qantas with open arms, I’d say ditch WA altogether. 

  • I think Josh Frydenberg mentioned the state premiers have discretionary powers under the 2015 bio security act. (Not sure if I got the name of the act correct). He clearly intimated its time to wind back. 

  • I do not support vax passports on ethical grounds. I’m vaccinated so I’ve taken care of myself, it’s not my business what others do, and nor should it be. I really can’t abide the idea of a return to a ‘show me your papers’ system. We’ve seen that before....

  • My love for aviation will not be an excuse to support such totalitarian measures. Never before have Australians supported anything like this, so easily are people corralled. Hegel’s dialectic in action right before our eyes..

  • So Rex starts out the gate with 31” seat pitch, which is competitive over JQ and QF. 

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