• Hi Dennis, I think the may just be a case of who your check-in person is. I have had no issues going PER-IST-ATH in the past, but going back the other way I've had to go to a transfer desk. I'm yet to have been forced to get my bags and check in all again at the transit airport. 

  • I spoke to Singapore Airlines who confirmed that they would check my bags through all the way to Athens.Worst case scenario, the transfer desk at Istanbul would ensure re-tag the bag and give me a new baggage receipt at the gate 

  • Very interesting. I have a Singapore Airlines ticket from Perth - Istanbul and an Aegean ticket from Istanbul - Athens. Without the Star Alliance through check-in this would not be possible. I think I'm definitely sticking with Star Alliance after this news. Anyone else feel the same way?

  • AMEX debuts new $0 'Essential' card

    Nov 16, 2015, 05:27 PM

    Intersting. Chris, what do you think are the advantages (if any) of the Essential card over the AMEX Platinum Edge card? Which would you recommend?

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