• Meanwhile there are A330s in the fleet with seats and screens from the '80s and they are badly letting the Qantas product down. 

  • What sort of parcels with the drones deliver? The only drones I've seen can't stay aloft for too long and can't carry much weight.  Seems like only a matter of time untill someone gets killed by a falling package or crashing drone.  Then what? 

  • These things have been the subject of one of my rants for years.  Before the smartgates came in used to make a point of asking the guy behind the counter why the card asked me my name and birthdate when the passport could tell him everything about me - including where my parents were born! &...

  • How about more quiet on board? Qantas never shut up. They have to get through duty free, change for good, turn off your devices, the pursers favourite hobbies, collecting the headsets, dinner service, blah, blah, blah (and often in two languages). Do they really have to explain what the seat belt...

  • Qantas' new food?  The first thing to say is that they made the plate bigger but the meal is more or less the only thing you get now. Back in he day of the tray, if you didn't like the main meal there were biscuits and cheese or chocloate or something so there was a few options. Now you just...

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  • Singapore Airlines' new safety video

    Aug 09, 2017, 02:51 PM

    I didn't think it was possible that an airline could make anything more nauseating than the Qantas "Aussie Kitsch" safety video but Singapore Airlines have actually achieved it!

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