• Looks great but always empty. Apart from politicians, can we have some examples (names) of who gets in?

  • But one question: is it bad to have breakfast, lunch then dinner in the F Loounge, on the same day? It didn't feel bad....

  • Just had my first visit to the Sydney F Lounge - very impressive. Menu was fantastic. Spa was great - on-the-day booking. Many different spaces for different puirposes. Thanks to all on this site for the tips.

  • How to avoid Qantas' credit card fee

    Jul 14, 2016, 03:06 PM

    There are many travel insurance variaitons with different credit cards. With CommBank Gold, Platinum or Diamond credit cards, you dont need to pay for the trip with this card to get the insurance cover, just need to pre-register your trip to get a reasonable level of cover

  • Qantas SFO airport lounges

    May 22, 2016, 10:40 PM

    My recent experience pre-QF74: At check-in I asked the representative if I (as a Qantas Gold) could access the CX lounge to which I was told “unfortunately it is full” which seemed strange 3.5 hours before the flight.On approaching the CX lounge, there were no questions asked on ...

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