• Good. Then please ready a very good mocktail or alcohol free champagne or zero alcoholic brand drinks. Please upgrade food quality too.

  • For first and business class meal, it look more like a Grade A office meal for me. While PE and economy class meal look like school meal box offer by a canteen.

  • When situation recover from covid 19, hopefully SQ will launch new 5th freedom route from any Australia cities again. Since SQ have Melbourne to Wellington, they should also consider maybe Sydney to Auckland, NZL/Nadi, Fiji. Also maybe Melbourne to Auckland/NADI or Brisbane to Hobart, Tasmania.

  • Whoever the NEW VIRGIN BOSS, 9000 employees isn't too many? I'm pretty sure there will be a chopping block in stages. All the best. Will see what the New Owner can do.

  • I think they should just get rid off older Boeing 777-300er with older product. Uncompetitive with such an excellent airline. If they want to have a 2-2-2 Business Class seats configuration, there is Apex Suite waiting. Just dump the 2-3-2 angle seat business class.

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