• Would be interested to get the views of all the “7kg is sensible, 10kg has the potential to kill me” folk now that QF has relented to commonsense.

  • If that's the case (pun!) then it'll backfire. 10kgs spread over two bags weighs more than 10kgs in one bag.

  • So I'll continue to take my large-but-fits-in-the-overhead bag and instead of putting my laptop and charger in there - which would take it over the 7kg - I'll take a separate laptop bag which I don't currently take. Therefore the laptop bag will be tagged at the gate - which will slow boarding - ...

  • Some of us “employees” treat business as though our own. If I miss 5hrs in the air, I expect I will make up for it once on the ground. In reality, I will schedule to impact my time rather than lose my employer money. Yeah ... I’m a dinosaur!!

  • Didn’t Virgin Atlantic previously cover SYD-HKG for the Virgin Group - and dropped it as unviable? I know times change but VA are notorious for picking up a route and subsequently dropping it; will be interesting to see the how long this one lasts.

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