• Very dissapointing. This comes at a convidient time as Vigin add their new seating arrangements. I went to get my seat and now have to pay. Ah well it is proof that that Virgin and Qantas know each others moves and sit around a table to discuss their options

  • a good tip for you all that i did was to send a facebook message to their business page. I sent one to them and within 3 hours they replkied and then a day later it was confirmed and now have gold status

  • i just recvieved an email to confirm im now a gold member! I applied November 5th below is my email Dear ANTHONY Thanks for participating on the Status Match Promo. Your Amigo card level was upgraded to GOLD. Please check your account online and see all your benefits as an Amigo and Star Allia...

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  • Qantas Red Portal Panel

    Jul 07, 2017, 02:18 PM

    I dont mind it every now and again. What I find is unfair is that you will be 75% into a survey and the it will say you dont fill the requirements or we have too many alrerady. And provide no points. they have just then been provided free information. I want my 75% of the points that were origion...

  • Qantas exit row fees

    Jul 07, 2017, 01:10 PM

    I saw this after i posted. It is not fair and a knee jerk reaction to Virgins Economy X,.So everyone can get exit and QF Gold &Platinum members dont take all the exit row seats

  • Qantas exit row fees

    Jul 07, 2017, 11:37 AM

    I have been gold for a couple of years now. This is the first time i have been asked for money for an exit row seat. Has qantas changed something in the last week or two? I wasn't asked this before. I have always booked my exit row seat no problem. This is for a Melbourne to Sydney flight I do ev...

  • QF. Their timin of all my flights suit my meetings and lounges are great. I dont mind VA but being gold FF with Qantas I like their overall servcie and timing

  • i may be flying Tiger for a trip to cairns from melbourne as its half the price than flying the others. I always fly qantas but im not paying 650 a ticket. compared to 250 each. Think I should be ok with tiger?

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