• I do not normally eat dessert, which means I can include the BLT in my top 5 dishes..In fact they are all pretty sensational and Qantas should certainly feel proud of this part of their service !

  • Tip: Amazon deliveries to your hotel

    Jan 18, 2016, 03:25 PM

    This used to be real fun until the hotel charges started appearing. At Ballys in Vegas they came back to demand the packages be "returned" to send back to sender when I refused to sign the voucher accepting the charge. They charged it to my bill anyway. They charged more than the cost of the...

  • Under what circumstances on Qantas international might a points upgrade request be unsuccessful , but a "bid" successful ? If I have also elected "at the airport" option upon initial request, does my request remain "live" until the final momment (boarding) ? I am trying to work out when an initia...

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