• Wow that's a considerable improvement on the old CX lounge at PVG 👍

  • I think you're forgetting that a fair chunk of those spending up big during Xmas on their cards are balance revolvers.

  • So this is definitely a legit offering? The scant info I can find about this website makes me uneasy.

  • Bugger. Glad I got to do MEL-AKL and back in J a couple of months ago. I couldn't understand the economics of it but was very happy to have the experience. It's quite special flying in the upper deck of these big birds especially in EK format. I spent most of the flight at the bar chatting to sta...

  • Think you'll find Telstra actually charges $5 a month for One Number and the first 3 months are free currently. I think Optus has a introductory promo too.

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