• My SQ PPS only matched me to QR Gold no platinum

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    Jan 20, 2020, 02:19 PM

    If you are pps and on business class you still only get 100mb so really where's the value in being their pps?

  • People profile??? People only care about cheap and will force themselves into that profile because of cost. A family may pay for base and then demand to sit together even though there is a plus package that suites their needs and then complain about bad service when they don't get their way or ot...

  • Based on your theory then it’s just a name change without any much meaning if you take away F and make J the new F and PE the new J. Seems like the industry is gone silly. Keep things in perspective and for what they are and stop moving goal post and then move the field along with it in th...

  • Status-seeking travellers will need to fly at least 33,334 to 40,000 real-life miles in business class to earn KrisFlyer Elite Gold, But if you do fly 40k miles in J you probably have enough to attained PPS so KF Gold really is tough to accept for all the hard Y bum work

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