• And with the RBA introducing these changes, where are the benefits to consumers?Surcharge rates haven't changed, competition has been reduced and MSF pricing has not materially improved. The complexity that merchants experience due to the associated surcharging mandates have also not been properl...

  • You've missed quite a decent option if the emphasis is on the bonus with the NAB Qantas Rewards Signature Card.

  • It looks like VA have minimal codeshare agreements allowing onward travel from HKG. Given the network their partners offer from HKG, this looks like a terrible missed opportunity!

  • Qantas transit guide to Dubai

    Aug 21, 2017, 11:07 AM

    Both Beijing and Atlanta carried more than 83 million passengers in 2016. Either the statement need qualification (given that the assertion only holds for international passenger traffic) or retraction.

  • Qantas transit guide to Dubai

    Aug 20, 2017, 05:29 AM

    Which data is being cited when stating that DXB is the world's busiest airport? 

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  • That's concerning - which legs are booked in Z?On VA, Z is the booking class for upgrades to Business (or outright points redemptions) and the same seems to be true for HX: http://www.hongkongairlines.com/cms/language!dispatchModule.action?menuId=290&country_code=HK&request_locale=en_GB

  • Booking QR awards online that aren't ex-Australia is impossible - Qantas aren't currently able to charge in Qatari currency via their web channel, hence the problem.

  • Originally Posted by victort : Due to hit Skyteam Elite Plus by end of the year and just wandering if anyone in this forum has any status with Skyteam? And from your experiences what are some pros/cons holding it based in AU? I'm specifically based in SYD. Is it worth attaining long term?Thought...

  • There's a misunderstanding here.1 KrisFlyer mile costs 1.35 Velocity points when transferring from Velocity to KrisFlyer, however this does not mean that 1 KrisFlyer mile buys 1.35 Velocity points when transferring the other way.Regardless of the direction of transfer, 1.35 miles/points from the ...

  • Cleveland from Melbourne

    May 19, 2017, 04:26 PM

    Is it CLE that you're trying to get to or something near it? Some decent attractions around that airport are actually quicker to get to from other airports once you've taken connection time and similar into account.If you're loyal to Virgin, Delta connect to CLE via MSP, DTW and ATL and I've foun...

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