• I guess with all these Platinums leaving I am more chance to get row 3.... Still like the rest I am dissapointed and I hope that common sense prevails. QANTAS lost me 14 years ago and in most part I have been happy with Virgin and watched them change into the airline they are today. Fingers cross...

  • It may be the way the seats are angled FLX however my econnomy seat test is very simple. If my kness touch the seat in front in a seated position then it is just too tight. On that trip I also flew Airitalia and Niki in ecconnomy and did not have the same issue.

  • Yes verry dissapointing given all the hype on how the 787 would improve the comfort for passengers. This matters little if you are squashed into a seat with your knees into the seat in front. I am 190cm tall however this is the first time I experienced this on a long hall flight. Everything ...

  • Does this mean they might put a bit more room in economy as the current 787 from Brisbane is the worst I have experienced for comfort?

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  • Best luxury hotels in Brisbane

    Oct 31, 2018, 04:54 PM

    The new Emporium at Southbank is hands down the best in Brisbane. Great location with plenty of dinning options around Southbank. An easy ferry or train ride into the city or 5 minute cab. Views from the rooms are amazing with a rooftop pool and bar area. Not SPG but worth the experience.

  • I have done it a few times now with no issue. I found a cheaper price on a hotel in NYC over 9 nights this xmas on expedia so I booked the exact same room on Hilton Honors with cancelation and they matched it and beat it by 25% but you have to do this pretty much right away as the window is only ...

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