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  • Alternatives to AMEX after April 2019

    Dec 07, 2018, 03:49 PM

    The Qantas American Express Ultimate card has NO upsides from April. All of the earning rates have gone down, and there are no one off bonus in April. There are no fee drops. In all, it is a loss of 17%

  • Yes, QF confirmed that it is a QF metal only offer, but noted that Perth FF's can fly to Melbourne or Sydney to then fly onto London, using more points, more cash, and more time, for flights to the UK from July - March, or wait for the March 2018 direct flights to start. Not much of an offer real...

  • Could be an issue for Perth FF's as I don't think codeshares are allowed. So we may have to wait until late March 2018 to travel to the UK on these reduced rates...

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