• I wonder if the USA is back on their radar. Perfect plane for this. Long haul. Possible good yields.

  • What about the check in area. Last time I flew it was in a pokey little area and chaotic. Wonder if they will then share/move to the Emirates desks.

  • Yeah pity they don't see Brisbane back on the cards. It would be good to get some more competition back here for South East Asia flights.Also beefing Sydney and Melbourne back up to triple daily again.

  • I recently flew on this service and used the VA 777. Must say very impressed and the flight back from LAX at 1115 I didn't mind at all. Was nice to get home at 7pm and have a proper sleep.I was annoyed about the lack of lounge facilities as well, but as I was transitting from a domestic service i...

  • Just on the lounge, a sad thing to note is that if you are doing the morning service ex LAX to BNE you don't currently have a lounge to go to ! They are still working on this for the premium clients. I am on this flight in a few weeks and have found this out. Therefore voucher and points provided...

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