• Over 50% of the comments posted in the last two days was negative! May I ask how many people actually paid their tickets out of their own pocket? I think this may change the comments! I think the breakfast served on QF128 HK to Syd has always been good and adequate. I always enjoy it regardless o...

  • Qantas staff on duty travel do not get Points and status credits. They are not even allow to the lounge except they are invited by a paid fare customer. What are we talking about? Fair ? You make your decision - the answer is not that difficult!!!

  • If it lowers the costs of the company's operation, the company should keep all. In the end, staff will get a bonus and travel is written into their PD (position description).

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    Nov 02, 2018, 04:25 PM

    WOW a comprehensive review with details from all angles! I have never come across similar reviews published elsewhere about airport lounges. The spacious environment to the food displays and the bathrooms facilities, they are not just words but photos to prove their existence. Well done Chris! A ...

  • Would find it difficult to eat a bowl of Wonton noodle soup in this type of sunken seats with small table in front! Why not have some proper tables and seats for the tall and big guys?

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  • What happens to the short guys from Asia? Sleeves and pants are too long even for M/L. Most of the time they don’t stock S size. When I flew once with my granddaughter in F cabin they don’t even have one pair of PJ for her!

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