• Must agree with the other comments that a daytime Singapore - Sydney flight would be far better.I prefer a daytime flight,I used to always catch QF5 when it came ex Frankfurt.An extra night in Singers is never a burden.

  • Apr 07, 2018, 07:22 AM

    Why no mention of the NAB Qantas rewards Signature card.100,000 points sign up bonus after a spend of A$4k in 60 days.Better sign up bonus and better points earn than some of the bank issued cards mentioned above.No kickback from NAB?

  • I agree.The size of the terminal combined with the volume of guests would make it sensible to have a lounge at each end of the shopping concourse.

  • I am in agreement with those who have expressed disappointment with Book The Cook.When i have used it, it has been disappointing and the dishes from the flight menu have always looked better.Having said that, was up and back to Singapore a couple of weeks ago and my first choices of main courses ...

  • Eight across in business class.Ummmm, no thanks BA.Having flown this dinosaur a few times over the years, including one awful business class flight from LHR to HK during a cabin crew strike where only sandwiches were served, I have sworn never to fly BA business again 

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  • Duty Free Hong Kong

    Oct 17, 2018, 02:58 PM

    Flew QF118 last week 12/10 and while there is no secondary bag checks, the ban on buying anything over 100ml for flights from HK to Australia (and USA) remains in place.I tried to buy cosmetics for Her Indoors and was thwarted at checkout.Managed to get it on arrival in Sydney.When asked the rea...

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